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On-call Receptionist needed to: ~ Answer inquiries about events, activities, membership, bookings and general inquiries about the recreation centre ~ Provide good public relations and greeting services to the public and staff ~ Assist in setting up events, catering and meal services and clean up/dishes ~ Maintain records of money received for merchandise, bookings, and fitness centre ~ Process and distribute faxes and notices appropriately ~ Monitor fitness room/ALRCC usage ~ Perform other duties as required
Adams Lake Indian Band - Chase, BC
Business, Finance, Administration
Nanny needed in home for a 1 year old and a 2 year old.
Sorrento/White Lake, BC
Child, Health and Personal Care
Family/Youth Support Worker needed to: ~ Perform all duties and responsibilities in accordance with Adams Lake Indian Band's Community Comprehensive Strategic Plan (CCSP) ~ Develop a monthly report and budget reconciliation for receipts and a work plan (calendar form) for review ~ Collaborate with Education, Health, and Social Development and other departments to deliver programs and services to the community to address youth and families at risk to maximize resources available ~ Develop and coordinate prevention and intervention workshops on regular basis for implementation of the Adams Lake Indian Band Wellness Plan ~ Develop rapport and healthy relationships with youth and families, as well as various external agencies upon approval of supervisor ~ Develop and maintain accurate reports and provide all file updates to supervisor on monthly basis ~ Promote a safe and healthy environment for children, families and the community ~ Provide advocacy and support to children, youth and families in the community ~ Conduct home visits to assess and provide assistance to individuals and families ~ Give support/assist with crisis intervention ~ Provide written referrals and reports to ALIB Social Worker when necessary ~ Perform other duties as required by the Manager
Adams Lake Indian Band - Chase, BC
Child, Health and Personal Care
Monday to Friday - Approx. 7 AM-9 AM & 3 PM to 5 PM Potential optional/additional charters & field trips
Chase BC
Trades, Transport, Construction, Labourers

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